Shopping for a new bag of coffee isn’t as simple as grabbing one off the shelf and giving it a try. Believe it or not, there are endless combinations of roasts, flavors, and even ground bean mixtures on the market. If you’re looking to incorporate something new into your morning routine, it might take a bit of homework to find what you’re looking for. Use our list of tips for choosing the best coffee beans to ensure you get the ones just right for you.

Have a Desired Taste in Mind

Since coffee can produce a myriad of unique flavors and textures for you to experience, deciding which ones you’re most interested in is the key to success. Maybe you want something bold and rich, or perhaps you’re in the market for something smooth and creamy. Committing to these desired palates now can save you a lot of searching in the long run. So feel free to put together a list of everything you want to include in your morning cup of joe.

Know Your Options

It’s also important that you understand what your options are when shopping for new coffee beans. In essence, there are several types of beans depending on geographic location and requested flavor profile. The two most common beans, arabica and robusta, have their own combinations of sweet and rich. As such, you’ll want to try different beans to find the exact mixture and flavor you’re looking for.

Think About Caffeine Level

The level of caffeine you want in your coffee is crucial to think about as well. While this chemical is the primary thing that energizes us in the morning, too much of it can impact your overall physical health. As such, it’s becoming more common to see individuals shopping for coffees with lower quantities of natural caffeine. Because of this, consider your lifestyle carefully, and think about exactly how much caffeine you need before you commit to the purchase.

Make Sure It’s Fresh

Another vital tip for choosing the best coffee beans for your daily routine is to ensure the blend you buy is freshly roasted. Roasting brings out a coffee bean’s more complex combination of flavors. Dark roasts often make beans richer, while lighter roasts are more subtle. Coffee boasts its best mixture of tastes right after this process. For this reason, check each bag for a roasting date, and buy one that’s as fresh as possible.

Consider Your Coffee Maker

Take some time to consider the type of coffee maker you use too. Depending on how your device brews, you may change your blend’s overall consistency or taste. As such, it’s important that you understand the preferred grind you should use with your coffee maker and how that machine extracts the necessary flavors.

We at Minnekahta Coffee believe that everyone deserves a cup of coffee that meets their morning needs. As such, we aim to provide a series of coffees to suit these unique preferences. That’s why, when buying our specialty coffee beans online, you’re investing in an experience as well as a morning wake-up call.

Written by Vickie Hauge

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