We’re all trying to find new ways to live a healthier lifestyle. From adopting a stricter diet to going to the gym on a more frequent basis, there are plenty of things you can do to accomplish these goals. But did you know that you could get a few steps closer to your healthy milestones just by changing up the type of coffee you drink?

While coffee is a staple of the morning routine, and many individuals can’t imagine themselves living without it, it isn’t always the healthiest thing to put into the body. Fortunately, its versatile nature makes it incredibly customizable to suit dietary preferences. Here are some must-know ways to make your coffee healthier so that you can craft the perfect drink for your needs.

Switch to Lower Caffeine Blends

If there’s any reason to drink coffee every day other than its taste, it’s the caffeine it provides us. A strong stimulant, this chemical activates the brain and central nervous system to provide a temporary boost of energy. Coffee is one of the leading sources of caffeine, which is why it’s among the best ways to wake you up in the morning.

However, caffeine is still classified as a drug, and ingesting too much can cause some individuals to develop headaches, nausea, or upset stomachs throughout their day. So if you’re noticing that your current coffee blend is making you sick, try a blend with a lower quantity of caffeine. Decaf coffee contains significantly fewer grams of caffeine than standard brews. As such, you can still experience the energy perks you need without the symptom crash later.

Ease Up on Cream and Sugar

It’s also recommended that you cut back on the amount of cream and sugar you use in your coffee if you want to make it healthier. Though these additives are great for customizing this drink to our personal tastes, they can work against us when trying to adopt a healthy diet. But by developing a taste for unaltered coffee, you can greatly reduce the amount of fat and sugar you consume during your day and live healthier overall.

One of the most effective ways to cut back on cream and sugar is to lower their quantities over time. Jumping straight to black coffee blends can be a jarring experience for your tastebuds and discourage you from wanting to continue. As such, try slowly reducing your cream and sugar each day to allow yourself time to adjust to the new flavors. You can also switch to a different type of coffee bean that provides sweeter flavors naturally.

Flavor With a Blend of Spices

If you simply can’t stomach coffee without at least a little bit of sweetener, don’t worry; you still have options. There’s a wide variety of naturally grown spices that add the kick of flavor you’re looking for with significantly less fat and sugar. In fact, some of these ingredients can even be good for the body in controlled amounts. Cinnamon, for instance, has a series of health benefits, such as stabilizing blood sugar levels and supporting healthy cholesterol. Best of all, it provides a distinct flavor that blends perfectly with any type of coffee bean. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with a few different ingredients to find a combination that you like.

Some additional things you might want to try in your coffee include:

  • Vanilla extract
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Cacao

Pair It With a Filling Meal

Another must-know way to make your coffee healthier is to drink it while eating a hearty meal. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach stimulates the body to create more acid to help break down some of its bitterness. When this occurs, it can inflame the stomach muscles, resulting in discomfort and nausea. For this reason, eating something with your coffee is the most effective way to consume it. With food in your stomach, the extra acids can do their work instead of irritating the surrounding tissue.

Eating with coffee can also facilitate better digestion. Since, as mentioned before, caffeine is a powerful stimulant, it’s also known to stimulate the muscles in the colon and digestive tract. This makes it easier to process foods and keeps you feeling good throughout the day.

Purchase Organically Grown Beans

Make sure you consider the processing procedure and growing techniques of your specific coffee brand as well. Depending on the supplier, your beans may have grown with the aid of strong pesticides. While these chemicals help keep harmful insects away from the crops, they can also carry over into your coffee and affect your health. The effect of these substances on long-term physical health isn’t yet known. But if you simply don’t feel comfortable with the idea of pesticides, you can always opt for organic blends.

There’s a wide variety of organically grown coffee beans on the market, and these products contain significantly lower amounts of toxins. So if you’re looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle, they’re the perfect choice for you.

Avoid Drinking Too Much

Above all, though, it’s essential that you break your habit of drinking several cups of coffee throughout the day. Coffee has several benefits for the body. But when you drink too much of it, it can diminish these effects. This is especially the case if you have a sensitivity to it. Like with any type of food or drink, moderation is the key to healthy levels of consumption; otherwise, you risk developing adverse side effects and allergies.

For this reason, consider limiting yourself to just a few cups a day. It’s also important that you retrain yourself from drinking coffee in the late afternoon to evening hours, as this can also start to impact your sleep cycle.

The advantage of drinking coffee is that this drink is what you want to make of it. Whether you want something healthier or flavorful, Minnekahta Coffee has just what you’re looking for. Our line of specialty organic coffee beans comes from reputable suppliers across the globe. These professionals use no pesticides in the growing of their coffee, and we take great care to ensure that you’re getting the best possible brew every time. We also offer a vast range of different flavors and roasts to put some excitement into trying new blends and finding new flavor profiles to love.


6 Must-Know Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier
Written by William Hauge

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