While we all know that making a fantastic cup of joe starts with a package of high-quality coffee beans, that’s only half of the equation. Believe it or not, your coffee maker has just as much to do with how your coffee turns out. In fact, it can be the primary deciding factor between a sub-par experience and one you’d like to have every morning.

But finding the ideal appliance for your needs isn’t easy. With several different types of machines on the market and dozens of brands to pick from, there’s seemingly no end to the shopping process. That’s why we’ve taken the time to assemble this guide for choosing the right coffee maker for you. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to consider when buying one of these life-changing machines and how to tell whether it meets your specific guidelines. This is our crash course in Coffee Maker 101!

Understand Your Personal Coffee Preferences

First and foremost, if you’re going to purchase a coffee maker that effectively satisfies your needs, it’s vital that you understand what those expectations are. We each have our own unique preferences for how we prepare and drink our coffee. Maybe you only have one cup in the morning, or perhaps you need at least two cups before the caffeine takes effect. This factor, and many others, can greatly influence the type of appliance you’ll require. Here’s a brief list of things to know about your coffee drinking habits before you start shopping:

Type of Coffee

Your coffee of choice, for one, is a common guiding factor. Depending on whether you prefer rich dark roasts or subtle and complex light varieties, you may need a maker that best draws out the flavor you’re going for. So, narrow down the blends of coffee you enjoy prior to making your decision on a brewer.

Brewing Time

Your busy schedule might also mean you have little time in the morning to spend brewing coffee. So, you’ll need an appliance with quick brewing times. This often means opting for a smaller batch coffee maker, such as a single-serve or pour over model.

Overall Brew Size

Likewise, you want to think about how much coffee you’ll need in the morning. Are you satisfied with one cup, or do you need a whole pot’s worth to last until lunch? Different coffee makers can brew varying quantities, making it essential that you choose one that accommodates the right amount.

Know the Different Available Models

Once you’re aware of what you want out of your coffee making experience, it’s time to get to know some of your potential contenders. As mentioned before, there are hundreds of coffee-making devices on the store shelves, and not all of them will do what you need. Because of this, it’s helpful to understand the main coffee maker types before you commit to buying anything. These are some of the core coffee maker models and a few of their key characteristics.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

As their name suggests, single-serve coffee makers only make one cup’s worth of coffee at a time. They’re fast, compact, and great at getting a consistent brew every time. These models are also compatible with small coffee pods, making it easier than ever to get the beverage you need in the morning.

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers, on the other hand, create larger batches of coffee over a longer period of time. Generally, these appliances will work on a timer to slowly brew your favorite coffee before your alarm goes off. Drip coffee makers are a classic, and they offer the largest number of ways to further customize your favorite drink through bean type and blend.

Espresso Machine

If you’re someone who loves the intense, bitter flavors of a good espresso, you might want to consider an espresso machine instead of a traditional coffee maker. These machines process dark-roasted beans at a much higher pressure, breaking them down further and creating these rich, frothy blends. It’s important to note that these machines only create one serving at a time, much like single-serve coffee makers.

French Press

There are more manual ways to brew your favorite coffee as well, like in the case of the French press. These devices allow you to steep your coffee grinds, drawing out more of their natural flavor before separating them from the beverage. This process uses a manual pump to push down on the grinds, removing them from your drink. Total, making French press coffee can take about 15 minutes and yield a much more flavorful experience.

Consider Specific Coffee Maker Features

But it isn’t just the device’s main function you should consider. That’s why another thing we’d like to mention in this guide to choosing the right coffee maker for you is a few other potential features you could take advantage of. From the ability to program your coffee maker to activate at a certain time to controlling its maximum temperature output, modern appliances have several key benefits. Many even offer a useful multi-function that allows you to make hot or cold beverages other than coffee. In choosing the right combination of features, your coffee maker can become an essential resource for many additional needs.

Think About Your Budget

Still, all these advanced features don’t often come cheap. A high-end coffee maker can easily cost over a hundred dollars, and it’s important that you do some quick calculations to ensure you can afford it. Depending on how often you drink coffee, you may even decide it’s well worth the price for an elevated experience. Fortunately, there are also many less advanced coffee makers on the market to accommodate those with a lower budget. So, don’t feel like you need to buy the most expensive option to enjoy your morning pick-me-up.

At Minnekahta Coffee, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible coffee drinking experience. Whether it be supplying a premium selection of fresh coffee from around the world or simply giving advice, we’re your number one resource! We even offer specialized coffee sample packs to make trying out blends an adventure in every cup. Visit our website today to discover your next favorite brew to go with your new coffee maker.

A Guide To Choosing the Right Coffee Maker for You
Written by William Hauge

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