It’s no secret that coffee is a must at breakfast time and that food can greatly enhance the experience of your first cup of joe. But the potential for this rich combination of flavors goes beyond the standard eggs and toast. In fact, your favorite brew could complement more meals than you initially might think. These are the top five foods to pair with your coffee—both sweet and savory—to bring out the most in every sip.


Berries have a natural sweetness and acidity that works well when combined with a full-bodied coffee grind. Whether you like to eat them alone or baked into a pastry, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries all bring out your coffee’s richness. This is especially true in the case of Tanzanian or Haitian beans.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also a natural match for many different roasts of coffee. This pair not only brings out a slight bitterness in the coffee but also offers a new depth of flavor complexity that makes each sip seem more refined. Milk chocolate and white chocolate also blend well with certain types of beans, but eating dark chocolate with rich Brazilian coffee is intense and beloved.

Strong-Flavored Cheeses

Believe it or not, certain types of cheeses are another top food to pair with your coffee. This might seem odd at first, but many cheeses contain sour or bitter notes that can make some roasts more flavorful. However, it’s important that you eat cheeses with stronger flavor profiles, such as cheddar and Swiss, so that the coffee doesn’t overpower the taste. Make sure to avoid subtle cheeses such as brie to truly highlight this pairing.


Who hasn’t had a doughnut in tandem with their morning cup of coffee? Beloved for their intense sweetness, doughnuts are classic pairings with coffee. Even dark roasts lighten when paired with the sugary glaze, and the texture of the dough makes this match a foolproof treat for all. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, though, pastries and crepes are another complementary pairing to try.

Steak Dishes

One of the most surprising matchups of all is meat products such as steak. Meat traditionally has a strong flavor due to each cut’s distinct fat content. As such, any coffee you pair with this meal should have dark, savory flavors. This could be classic black coffee or rich, dark roasts such as Dominican Republic and Sumatra coffees.

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Written by William Hauge

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