The coffee plant is incredibly diverse. It can take root in a series of different environments and develop unique characteristics. It’s this ability that has led to the discovery of hundreds of coffee bean varieties, each with its own special texture and flavor profiles. Coffee enthusiasts love these specialty coffees, and the rarest types are some of the most sought-after coffees in the world. Here are the top five must-try specialty coffee beans you’ll love and what makes them so popular.

Hawaii Kona Coffee

First up on the list is the famous Hawaiian Kona coffee bean. Grown on the ashy yet incredibly fertile soil along the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, it offers a great range of flavors. This coffee is rich but also light in body. This makes for a great counterbalance with its complex taste. Many drinkers of Hawaiian Kona coffee have described it as having buttery or spicy flavor notes. You may also enjoy the deep aroma profile each cup provides.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Tanzania Peaberry coffee is also a wonderful choice for anyone who loves an enriched experience in a cup. Like Hawaiian Kona, this variety of coffee grows at higher altitudes. This is what provides it with its bright flavor profile and fruity notes. Peaberry coffee is incredibly rare, as its coffee plant only yields one bean instead of two, giving that one bean a more complex flavor than the standard crop. Depending on how you choose to roast and brew it, Peaberry coffee can even take on a deep chocolatey taste.

Nicaraguan Coffee

If you’re looking for something richer to satisfy your chocolate craving, then you should go for Nicaraguan coffee. It has just what you need. These beans make a great complex dark roast that captures almost raw cacao-like flavors. They can also provide notes that resemble fruits like apples or mixed berries. So consider partaking in this specialty coffee if you’re in the mood to treat yourself.

Mocha Java Coffee

As a mixture of two already popular coffees, Mocha Java coffee is some of the most sought-after coffee on the globe. Arabian Mocha coffee provides an exotic range of flavors, while Indonesian Java coffee is clean and smooth. Together, they create a brew with superior balance and a unique flavor palette that keeps coffee-drinkers coming back.

Guatemalan Antigua Coffee

The last, but certainly not least, item on our list of top five must-try specialty coffee beans you’ll love is classic Guatemalan Antigua coffee. These beans are rich and velvety with a spicy flavor palette that provides a telltale smokiness. These blends are especially smooth and pleasing to anyone looking for something indulgent.

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Written by William Hauge

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