Few things are more disappointing than finding out the coffee you just bought is no longer fresh enough to drink. But believe it or not, this happens to many coffee drinkers around the world. Even whole bean coffee can deteriorate quickly depending on how you store it, making it lose its natural flavor and consistency. So, if you want to ensure your coffee lasts for several weeks to come, you need to keep it correctly. But what is the best way to store your coffee beans over both short and long periods? Find out here.

Important Considerations

Before discussing storing your coffee, it’s vital to understand some factors that influence its decay rate. While robust, coffee beans are sensitive to a series of environmental factors, including temperature, sunlight, and moisture. When exposed to any of these conditions, they’ll deteriorate much faster than they would otherwise. Because of this, the way you ultimately choose to store your beans should eliminate the interference of these factors.

Short-Term Storage

If you’re looking to keep your coffee beans fresher over shorter periods, such as overnight or over a week, you’ll find the answer in the seal and environment. You’ll want to contain your opened coffee in an air-tight container and place it in a cool and dark location like a pantry or cabinet. This will help prevent your coffee from absorbing any moisture from the air and limit the amount of breakdown they experience from heat or sunlight. It’s also crucial to note that coffee stays fresher with whole beans rather than ground blends.

Long-Term Storage

For those that want to keep their coffee fresh for a bit longer, there’s a trick to use. While you never want to refrigerate your coffee beans, you can freeze them to keep them for about a month. This is because freezing temporarily petrifies the beans rather than releasing the bean’s oils as refrigeration does. However, if you choose to go this route, you must let your beans thaw to room temperature before you brew them. This way, they’re more likely to retain their original freshness.

Now that you know the best ways to store your coffee beans, you want to ensure you’re buying coffee that’s worth keeping for that long. As a green coffee roastery, we at Minnekahta Coffee understand just how important that fresh cup of joe is to your day. That’s why we’ve set out to compile all your favorite types of beans, flavors, and roasts from around the world. With our help, you can find just the blend you’re searching for.

Written by William Hauge

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