B-52 - Amaretto, Irish Creme & Kahlua Flavored Coffee - American Roast

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Amaretto, Irish Cream, and Kahlua-Flavored Coffee

You’re an adventurous coffee drinker. That’s why you’re here. However, adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean reckless. Starting the day with a true Irish coffee may not be, to put it lightly, the best idea. A blend that brings the familiar flavors of classic liqueurs to your morning, however—that’s just the kind of daring flavor we specialize in.

Our B-52 blend is an amaretto, Irish cream, and Kahlua-flavored coffee that carries all the nuances of those spirits along with the rich flavor of our best beans. Unlike a classic B-52 cocktail, we can’t promise that three-tiered appearance, but this coffee has a layered flavor profile all the same. This fine American roast allows you to enjoy the sophisticated taste of amaretto and coffee at any time of day.

Order now and taste this amaretto, Kahlua, and Irish cream-flavored coffee for yourself.


Size: 12 oz. Bag

Roast: American / Light    Flavor: Amaretto, Irish Cream, Kahlua    

Body: Mild   Acidity: Low

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee, natural and artificial flavoring