Sample Pack - Blacks Hills Postcard Edition Coffees - Selection of 6 - TOP SELLER!

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This unique sample pack includes a selection of six 4 oz. samples of the following Black Hills Edition coffees:

1.   Needles Highway - Costa Rica - Light Roast
2.   Deadwood Gulch - Costa Rica Tarrazu - Medium Roast
3.   American Bison - House Blend - Medium Roast
4.   Mount Rushmore - Colombian Supremo - Medium Roast
5.   Freedom Trail - Organic Colombian - Medium Roast
6.   Black Elk Peak - Colombian - Dark French Roast

Note: Each 4 oz. packet makes approximately 2 full pots of coffee, depending on your taste preferences.

Don’t forget you will also receive the complete set of 6 Black Hills Postcards with this sample pack purchase!!

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