TeaBrew Paper Filters - 100 per Box - Size 1

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TeaBrew tea filters are single use paper filters used for brewing loose leaf tea. They are made from unbleached paper. These easy to fill bags have a longer flap on one side to help close the bag or trap the top of the bag under the teapot lid. The expanding base allows ultimate brewing while also supporting the sac without the use of a filter holder. Made from sustainably harvested American and Canadian wood pulp. They plant 2 trees for every 1cut down. Since the paper contains no artificial ingredients, it will not taint the flavor of the tea. TeaBrew sacks are disposable and completely biodegradable, and after use filled sacs can be used in compost and gardening. With TeaBrew you can make your own tea bag, filled to your specifications. Use your favorite loose leaf tea or blend two together for a custom flavor. Simply fill the sac, fold or twist the top and brew. Enjoy your tea and dispose of the TeaBrew.

Size 1 - for 1 mug

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