That’s right.  Here at Minnekahta Coffee, we don’t believe in About Us pages, but rather About All of Us pages.

When we started our small family business here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we did it for everyone who has ever just wanted to purchase quality coffee for their home or office, without having to enroll in a post graduate PhD coffee education class.

Our adventure began several years ago with one simple question from my wife Vickie, “I want to try some new coffee, what kind do you want?” she asked.  I replied with my typical sarcastic response, “Hot.”  She did not find that as funny as I did. Truth be told, that was actually the extent of my coffee knowledge, hot or cold. I followed up with the typical married for 10 years or more response of, “I don’t care, get whatever you want.”

 A week later Fed-Ex arrived at my front door with 15 different bags of coffee. “What is happening?” I thought, while remembering back to my previous conversation with my wife. “Get what ever you want, I don’t care.”

My wife explained that the simple task of searching for a new coffee was not actually that simple. There were a multitude of websites, with many varieties of coffees, from all different regions of the world. There was very little information available to assist in making an educated decision or help answer specific questions. What’s the difference between coffees from Columbia vs. Tanzania, the different acidities, roasting processes, and so on?  $300.00 later and 2 weeks of different coffees every morning, and still not a single coffee we liked, we decided this madness had to stop!

We thought to ourselves that we can’t be the only people having this much difficulty trying to buy quality we spent the next 3 years educating ourselves on the ins and outs of the coffee world and Minnekahta Coffee was born! We have experimented with all kinds of coffees, grinds, brewing and roasting methods, in order to bring you what we feel are some of the world’s finest coffees. 

We will help you navigate effortlessly through the confusing world of online coffee sales by categorizing and having item descriptions in easy to understand formats. We will also have coffee education blogs and resources available to help assist you in your new journey into the world of quality coffees. 

As I said earlier, this is not just about us... it’s about all of us who just want to experience a good cup of coffee at home while we “Conquer the Grind.” 

Vickie and I thank you for allowing us to help you “Conquer the Grind” of life and coffee.


Bill and Vickie