"It's All About the Grind"

When it comes to making the perfect pot of coffee, there is probably not one subject more important or more confusing than determining what grind size to use. Here at Minnekahta Coffee, we pride ourselves on not only bringing you some of the worlds finest coffees, but also providing you with the basic information needed to assist you with achieving the perfect cup of coffee.

Don't forget that we also offer a number of grind options that you can choose at the time of purchase, so you do not need to invest in an expensive grinder at first.  Just let us know what brewing method you are using and we will grind your coffee purchase for you.  Of course you are more than welcome to purchase our whole beans and experiment on your own, which can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

As complex as this subject can be, we will give you some basic guidelines to help you navigate this sometimes frustrating subject. Through a little trial and error, you will ultimately decide what works for you and what flavors you are trying to highlight and experience. Below you will find a basic list of grind types and guidelines. Adjust the fineness or coarseness of your coffee grind to suit your desired taste. Have fun "Conquering the Grind!"




Extra Coarse Grind - This is a very large grind, best used with cold brew coffee systems, where you steep your coffee.

Coarse Grind - This large grind is typically best used for a brewing method where the ground are completely immersed in the water, like a French Press.

Medium Coarse - Similar looking to coarse/rough sand, this is an excellent choice for pour-over brewing styles.

Medium Grind - By far the most commonly used grinds available.  This sandy textured grind is used for most automatic and manual drip coffee makers.

Medium / Fine Grind - Slightly silkier and a little finer than an automatic drip grind.  It is an excellent choice for Chemex and Melitta Brewing Systems.

 Fine Grind - This grind is finer than table salt and is typically used for espresso machines because it packs together well.  Also works very well for Moka Pots.

Extra Fine Grind - This extremely fine grind is used specifically for Turkish Coffees.  We are proud to offer this rare grind as one of our available grind choices.