1lb Mushroom Popcorn Kernels Farm Grown

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Family Farmed in Kansas – We take pride in being first-generation popcorn farmers. Our ready-to-pop popcorn is naturally grown without the use preservatives, GMO or high fructose corn syrup. This gives you a healthy, delicious and wholesome end product. * Pops Extra Large * Mushroom Shaped & Round * Season for Extra Flavor * Satisfaction Assured Extra Large, Round & Mushroom Shaped Popcorn You truly will never see any popcorn like this in your life. When popped with an air popper, hot oil or a stove top, the kernels blossom into a large, mushroom shaped delicious ball of popcorn. Our customers have said that it is the biggest popcorn they have ever seen, reminding them of their nostalgic state fair days! Not recommended for microwave popping. The kernels will pop but won’t maintain a consistent mushroom shape or achieve full size.