COFFEE-GRAM - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Red Label Coffee - Medium Roast

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Ethiopian coffees are the world's most unusual.  Thought by most to be the mother of all coffees, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is soft and fruity in the cup and is one of the best choices for iced coffees. This coffee is an ideal choice for a Toddy Cold Brew System.

Photo credit by SS Pulled, License #700250209

This top selling coffee will make a great Coffee-Gram for that special person in your life.

Each Coffee-Gram Includes:

1.  One 4 oz. Sample of Selected Coffee.
2.  One Decorative Insert. (Choose from Selections Below)
3.  One Message Card. (Limited to 100 Characters)
4.  One Matte Black Mailer.
5.  All Shipping Cost Included in Price.  (Contiguous United States Only!)

Size: 4 oz. Sample Bag

Origin:  Africa  Roast: Medium   

Flavor: Fruit, Spice, Chocolate

Body: Full   Acidity: Low to Medium

Note: Each 4 oz. packet makes approximately 2 full pots of coffee, depending on your taste preferences