Deadwood Gulch Coffee - Costa Rica Tarrazu - Medium Roast

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This is an award winning Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee, that makes an ideal breakfast brew.  It is wonderfully balanced and smooth. This coffee is named for the famous narrow canyon in the northern Black Hills known as Deadwood Gulch. In 1875 a miner named John B. Pearson found gold in a canyon that was filled with dead trees along its narrow walls, which became known as "Deadwood Gulch,"  and the great Black Hills gold rush began. In 1876 the famous town of Deadwood was founded and the rest is history.

Photo credit by Everett Collection, License #237230041

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Origin: Central America   Roast: Full City/Medium  

Flavor: Balanced

Body: Medium   Acidity: Lively

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