Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy - Gold Label Coffee - Medium Roast

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Kona coffee is shade-grown in volcanic soil in a tropical paradise, and cooled by a gentle Kona breeze.  These perfect conditions create an equally perfect coffee.  Coffees from the islands are clean and mild, with a nice hint of chocolate, and just enough fruit and acidity to round out the cup.  It may be the most perfectly balanced coffee in the world.

This is the real, uncut version from MC Kona Farms.  It is a family run operation, located in the Honomalino district of South Kona.  The farm is situated at 2000 feet, providing sunny mornings, cool nights, and afternoon mauka showers that provide an excellent environment for coffee production.

They received the 2018 Heritage Profile Award at the Kona Coffee Festival Cupping Contest.  Their coffee is hand sorted and culled so that only the best beans make it into the market.

Photo credit by Dmitri Kotchetov, License #684439513

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Origin: Kona, Hawaii   Roast: Medium   

Flavor: Clean, Smooth, Balanced  

Body: Medium   Acidity: Low

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