Jamaican Blue Mountain - Gold Label Coffee - Medium Roast

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Jamaican Blue Mountain fits the island profile of beautifully balanced and famously rich, while also being delicate and mild. JBM ships in wooden barrels rather than in the familiar burlap bags, and most of the world's supply goes straight to Japan where it fetches an incredible premium. This means very high demand and very low supply for the rest of us...hence the hefty price tag.  If you are not intimid by the price, then you'll soon be tasting the genuine uncut version:  100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans from the Famous Mavis Banks Estate!

Photo credit by Debbie Powell, License #1594213047

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Origin: Caribbean   Roast: Medium   

Flavor: Fruity Notes   Body: Mild  

Acidity: Medium


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