Tanzania Peaberry - Red Label Coffee - Medium Roast

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Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Beans - Medium Roast

Tanzanian Peaberry coffee beans are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, under the shade of banana trees.  Truly an exotic coffee from an exotic location.  What's a Peaberry?  It's a genetic anomaly where a single bean develops inside the coffee cherry, instead of the familiar two flat beans.  This coffee carries a mystique that makes it very popular.  The theory is that all the goodness from the coffee cherry is present in only one bean, enriching the flavor and experience. So, as experienced Tanzanian Peaberry coffee roasters, we are very proud to offer this bean to our adventurous customers.

Photo credit by Cristia Zamfir, License #238496758

Size: 12 oz. Bag

Origin: Africa   Roast: Full City/Medium   

Flavor: Mild   Body: Medium   

Acidity: Medium

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